Handling your drugs, safely

Gyma Import and Shipping

Our state-of-the-art facility with temperature-controlled environments and appropriate separation of scheduled drug inventory allow us to fill and ship orders quickly and efficiently.

The everchanging import-export regulations vary across geographies. Our global teams are well versed in the imp-ex regulations impacting shipping in different countries. By keeping a constant track of any changes, we ensure real-time updates to provide appropriate and timely guidance so that all our clients’ shipments are fulfilled smoothly. We closely evaluate all aspects of logistics including the ability of our carrier to provide our partners with safe, professional, and timely delivery. We understand the dynamic nature of the industry and are well prepared to adapt to the changing requirements so that our partners and clients continue to get the best service available at every step of the way.

Joint Venture Partnership

Our Joint Venture Partnership model offers interested clients/ partners the opportunity to reduce the impact of the capital-intensive nature of the process – through a shared model for new product development expenses, assets, and revenue. From licensing opportunities, products range from generic Abbreviated New Drug Application, to a 505b2, or a New Drug Application, all projects are carefully screened through a proof-of-concept stage before being presented to potential partners.

Custom Synthesis

For our partners, who require a compound that is hard to find or not yet commercially available on the market, we have it covered. Our experts in solid state research, polymorph screening, process and crystallization development, and more can help our partners and customers with a wide range of services that are custom-made to fit their specifications. Our expertise and commitment ensure pure and structurally confirmed compounds while maintaining full confidentiality.