Facilitating partnerships for success


We partner all stakeholders in the pharmaceutical space in their drug development journey from the get-go! Gyma helps its partners and clients liaise with the right CDMOs, CMOs, CROs, etc. to help them develop the best possible drugs to meet global healthcare needs.

Whether it is funding or finding the right partners, it can be a daunting task for many. Gyma endeavors to aid pharmaceutical pursuits to do just that, so that our clients can focus on making the best drugs they can.


Robust testing and research are some of the most important aspects of drug development. Gyma represents a variety of Contract Research Organizations (CROs) that advance drug development journey for our partners and clients from building products, to commercialization, pre-clinical and clinical research, and management of clinical trials.


As generic pharmaceuticals begin to take a centerstage, it is even more important than ever, to find the right Contract Manufacturing Organization to assist our clients and partners in comprehensive manufacturing services for Finished Dose Formulations such as solid-oral dosages, topicals, injectables and much more. Gyma finds the right partners to enable and expedite go-to-market Finished Dose Formulations.

Custom Synthesis

For our partners, who require a compound that is hard to find or not yet commercially available on the market, we have it covered. Our experts in solid state research, polymorph screening, process and crystallization development, and more can help our partners and customers with a wide range of services that are custom-made to fit their specifications. Our expertise and commitment ensure pure and structurally confirmed compounds while maintaining full confidentiality.