The promise of biotech meets the trust of Gyma

Gyma Biotech

The complexities of drug manufacturing come together seamlessly with the technological promise of biotech, at Gyma. Our bio catalysis capabilities aim to mitigate the challenges to cost reduction and life cycle extension of cost competitive APIs, faced by our partners and customers.

When it comes to ADC product development, from cGMP production to conjugation of antibodies, we enable ADC development for our customers and partners. Be it payloads with low immunogenicity and high stability or all kinds of cleavable linkers and non-cleavable linkers, we ensure optimization for ADC product development at every step of the way.

Whether it is competent cells, or gene therapy, we got it all covered. Our IVT kits, lipid nanoparticles, custom linear mRNA/ssRNA are tailor-made for customers looking to design and develop m-RNA vaccines.