A World of APIs

Gyma is one of the leading sources for API products and manufacturing. We currently have over 1300 APIs in production and 300 under development or evaluation, covering 205 therapeutic classes. Our APIs have passed rigorous inspections and meet global pharmaceutical guidelines. With our wide selection, we’ve got you covered from A-Z. Below are some of our featured APIs.

Featured APIs

  • Apalutamide

  • Alectinib

  • Baricitinib

  • Brivaracetam

  • Deoxycholic Acid

  • Eribulin

  • Eteplirsen

  • Ibrutinib

  • Lenvatinib

  • Lesinurad

  • Midostaurin

  • Neratinib

  • Nusinersen

  • Palbociclib

  • Ribociclib

  • Sacubitril/Valsartan Co-Crystal

  • Sugammadex

  • Telavancin

  • Trabectatin

  • Venetoclax

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Gyma currently has over 1300 APIs in production and over 300 products under development or evaluation covering 205 therapeutic classes.

Each API page has a sample request form. Please fill them out, or just give us a call.


Gyma helps multi-national companies find the right internal, US market development partner to see their projects beyond formulation. We have the knowledge and expertise to help you obtain your licensing, partner with a US manufacturer and even assist with the marketing of your finished product. No matter your therapeutic category (generic ANDA, 505b2 or an NDA) or delivery system, we’ll point you in the right direction.


Our large network of customers across the US, Europe, India and China gives us the strength and capability to take your products to the global market. Our office locations are strategically located near major pharmaceutical companies and markets. We help you further define and seek the markets were your products are highly sought after and navigate the licensing process.


Gyma Laboratories represent a number of Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMOs) that serve the US market. We will match you with a CMO who can assist you in comprehensive manufacturing services for Finished Dose Formulations such as solid-oral dosages, topicals, injectables and much more.


We represent a variety of Contract Research Organizations (CROs) who have experience helping US pharmaceutical companies successfully move a new product from conception to FDA approval. Some of the critical services our CROs provide are product development, commercialization, pre-clinical and clinical research and clinical trials management.

Custom Synthesis

Does your project require a compound that is hard to find or not yet commercially available on the market? Our Synthesis experts can help you with a wide range of services that are custom-made to fit your specifications. Our expertise and care, ensures pure and structurally-confirmed compounds while maintaining full confidentiality.

Joint Ventures

Gyma offers our clients the ability to enter a Joint Venture partnership where the costs of developing a new product, revenue, assets and expenses can be shared. Like licensing opportunities, products range from generic ANDA, to a 505b2, or an NDA. All projects are carefully screened through a proof of concept stage before being presented to potential partners.

Project Management

The Gyma team is ready to help your project go from initial ingredient to finished product with ease. If you are looking to purchase an active ingredient or to have your product manufactured, we can get you set up with the delivery, shipping and import resources to get the job done.